McGowan’s Menu: Frankfort’s Crescent Bakery and Cafe

It started as a small town bakery in the 1950’s and over the years evolved into quite the breakfast and lunch cafe.

The Crescent Bakery and Cafe in Frankfort is a family owned and operated business, now in the second generation of the current family calling the restaurant its own.

Everything is made right there, and the process begins at midnight every day.

John McGowan stopped in to check out some of their lunch sandwiches in this week’s edition of McGowan’s Menu.

Things tend to get busy in the mid-morning at the Crescent Bakery and Cafe in Frankfort, but Adreon Kiplinger says it’s not surprising, especially in the summertime.

“It can be intimidating for some of the younger kids who work here. We now are used to it and it’s a needed, what you call, a necessary evil.”

Adreon and his wife Heather were familiar with the bakery of course, but got serious about it in 2007.

“My husband and I moved up here seven years ago to help them with the business, and about four years ago, I took over baking from my father, so he would have a little extra time, and then we purchased the bakery outright from them in March.”

Heather gets things started, coming in bright and early to begin the homemade baking process.

“This time of year we start at midnight. I have a crew that helps me out. We bake all of our donuts and breads fresh daily. And so we get going early so we can get stuff out when we’re ready to open at seven.”

Adreon is hands-on in the kitchen, and like most owners of small eateries, is not afraid to do a little bit of everything.

“We offer great and unique sandwiches, a variety of bread options. Donuts and pastries, gourmet or premium coffees, espresso drinks, and a place for the locals to come and hang out in the winter, and a place for the summer people to converge and get what they need to keep their day going.”

Breakfast draws a lot of fans at the Crescent. They offer Quiche, what they call old fashioned Irish oatmeal, as well as breakfast sandwiches, the robin’s egg, and the Hamtastic is the most popular. For lunch, the Casablanca sandwich is a favorite.

Adreon explains, “the Casablanca comes, served on our French Peasant Bread, made with our own homemade mayo, has grilled chicken and bacon, Swiss cheese, major grace chutney, pineapple, avocado, and curry.” 

The Tropical Pig is another favorite.

“The Tropical Pig is made with a pork carnita, and bacon. It comes with a tropical rum sauce, which is absolutely delicious, fresh sliced tomatoes, and a mango salsa, and again, served on our homemade French peasant bread.”

Not pictured is the soft buttery pretzel, it was sold out before we arrived, but it is probably what the Crescent Bakery is best known for. 

“The Pretzel was a recipe that developed seven years ago, actually when we lived in Kentucky. I used to make these for my friends when we’d go tailgating for football games. And about four years ago, we decided to bring ’em in and try ’em here, and they were a huge success,” said Heather. 

Adreon says, “The ongoing joke is that they are bakery crack. Everyone who has one is addicted to them, and they can’t stop getting them.”

They also make cinnamon sugar soft pretzels, and pretzel hamburger buns.

And if it’s a nice day, and a bit crowded inside, you might try and claim one of the outdoor tables to enjoy your breakfast or lunch, but if you have some toast with your breakfast, you have to make a decision.

“With the fruit breads, we have cinnamon raisin, cranberry walnut, cherry almond, cinnamon apple, we have French Peasant, our multi-grain, potato bread, whole wheat, or granola wheat, or sandwich white bread.”

Every sandwich served here comes with a side of their homemade black bean hhumus The Crescent Bakery and Cafe is located in the 400 block of downtown Frankfort. They’re open seven days a week 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the summer.