Going Green at National Cherry Festival

While all is typically red around here at the National Cherry Festival, you can also find a lot of green. Like reusable bottles.

Being earth friendly is a big priority around here. The recycling program grows every year.

But instead of having to recycle those plastic water bottles, there is a new, cheaper, better option.

Visitors can buy a water bottle and take advantage of Traverse City’s new water bottle filling stations.

“The water bottles are $3 and you can fill them up at any filtered water station throughout the city. I believe there’s three or four right now, and there are plans for a lot more little green stations you can fill water bottles. Or there’s a handicap actual drinking fountain as well,” explains NCF volunteer Sr. Airman Jeremiah Wilkins.

You can buy the bottles right at the entrance to the Open Space on Grandview Parkway and Union Street.

And these also come with a National Cherry Festival logo so it can be a souvenir to toss on your bike as well.

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