Family Seeks Action After a Deadly March Home Explosion Damaged Their Home

Continuing coverage tonight on a deadly Chippewa County home explosion we first told you about in late March. The scene left behind now haunts a local family.

The explosion happened more than 3 months ago.. But the scene looks like it happened yesterday. The aftermath is now wearing on those who live nearby.

Police investigated the home explosion on Drummond Island and say a buildup of propane gas was to blame.

Back in March, debris was shot into neighboring properties and was even scattered across the lake. And it took the life of a woman. Other than the seasons changing, the scene looks just about the same.

Neighbors say they are struggling to move on from the blast

Sherry Bailey and her family live just next door to where the explosion happened. They were out of town when the explosion happened, and returned to a severely damaged home.

“It looked like a tornado hit through and then we saw our house and it was destroyed too,” Bailey said.

Sherry and James bailey had to move their family away from their home on the island and are renting a home for the time being. The impact of the March explosion was so strong it blew out their windows, caved in ceilings, and made their home unsafe to live in.

They say 3 months later, no progress has been made to help them get back in.

“We’re still just waiting to get back in our house, there’s been no changes at all really. We stripped the drywall to see damage inside the walls to determine if the structure has to be torn down and rebuilt,” said James.

“A lot of people say its just a house it’s not just a house this is our home,” said Sherry.

But the family’s insurance company says the process can take time and their investigation into the neighbor’s home explosion is still ongoing. And next door — the scene looks the same, too.

The Bailey’s say everyday they have to be reminded of the tragic way they lost their friend, and family member.

“You look around it’s all on the trees and it’s everything is scattered still, it’s hard in everyone down the road. People are going through taking pictures and taking stuff and is just so disrespectful they have no business doing that,” said Sherry.