Civic Center Continues Renovations Under New Management

A recreation complex is getting a new outlook on life with new management and a large-scale face-lift after years of neglect.

The Wexford Civic Center opened its doors Tuesday to show off improvement efforts under its new management.

The Wex faced being closed for good just a few months ago after voters rejected a recreation millage, but a non-profit organization stepped in to save it.

In late April, the county commissioners approved a contract with Boon Management Group.

Crews are actively working on the inside of the 30-year-old Wex auditorium, as well as the newer ice arena.

Thousands of dollars have already gone into the resurrection of the Wex and the new staff is already thinking of big plans to re-introduce the center back into the community.

“The Boon Sports Management stepped up when their seemed to be a real need for management of the civic center, as a whole,” said Mike Figliomeni, one of the two managers of the Wex. “Just really bringing it back to something that is much different than what the community has seen in the recent past.”

The Wex is still under construction on the inside but crews have already checked off more than half of their renovation’s checklist.

Cody Boyer has more details on what this new group has in store for the facility.