Volunteers Hit the West Bay Beach to Clean-Up Trash

Crowds packed into Traverse City over the holiday weekend to get a glimpse at the Blue Angels in action and spend some time on the beach.

But trash was left behind.

So today, National Cherry Festival volunteers worked with Bay Area Recycling to clean up West Bay Beach.

They specifically combed near the volleyball courts, an area that needed some extra attention.

Organizers are thankful the teamwork got things cleaned up in no time.

“Anytime you get large crowds of people gathered anywhere, you know you end up with people leaving things behind. It would be nice if everyone was responsible and took care of their own trash, but that’s just not reality today and that’s something that happens,” said Brad Van Dommelen, President of Traverse City Tourism.

This is something that has to be dealt with every year with the large crowds.

Organizers are working on additional programs and initiatives to try to encourage people to clean up on their own in the future to keep things in tip top shape for everyone.

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