National Cherry Festival Celebrates Heroes

Today the National Cherry Festival is all about recognizing those who keep us safe.

From members of the Armed Forces, to police officers and EMT’s, today they’re all celebrated for the heroes they are.

9&10’s Brittany Wright spoke with a Michigan State trooper experiencing his first Heroes Day.

Today’s events didn’t just thank local heroes, but also those around the country and overseas.

Everyone received a medal with the Policeman’s Memorial in D.C. as a token of thanks for serving their communities.

“I’m ecstatic to be here not only representing the Michigan State Police and the Emergency Support team, but public service in general.”

Trooper Douglas Baumann is a member of the Michigan State Police Emergency Support Team that provides assistance to other agencies across the state in high risk scenarios.

This is the first time he attended a heroes day at the national cherry festival.

“I was born and raised here in Traverse City so to be able to give back and enjoy the Cherry festival for almost 35 years now is a really neat experience.”

When the emergency support team makes entry into a house or a building, the vest that they wear is about 50 pounds, but all the other equipment is about 100 pounds.

Baumann says today was great because he got to let the community know what resources are available to them especially the kids.

“We want the kids to know that we’re friendly, we’re here to help them and the last thing we want to do is arrest anyone so.”

But more than that, he emphasized this day was all about those who fight for our country.

“We’re a small aspect for the community, but when you look at it on a world wide spectrum the real heroes are all of our military, current military, personal and veterans, they are the ones that really deserve most of the credit for us to live this beautiful life we live here.”

So if you see someone wearing a medal, be sure to thank them for their service.

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