More Visitors Head Up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Small towns in the Upper Peninsula were overflowing with holiday weekend visitors, and some are still sticking around.

Businesses say this Fourth of July was even better than last year, and they hope people continue to make the trip up north.

Even traffic had its advantage for some places in Saint Ignace, as people pulled over to avoid major congestion near the Mighty Mack.

Mindy Rutgers from the Saint Ignace Visitor’s Bureau said, “The boat lines have been busy, the restaurants are busy so everyone is happy.”

Everyone is glad to see a successful summer so far. Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry service says it only goes up from here. 

 “As you can see we’re extremely busy today, the Fourth was good, overall weekend was good. We’re excited about what’s to come because we can make up serious ground the next few months,” said Chris Shepler.

Crazy holiday traffic helped some businesses like Mackinac Grille. They say many people stopped in this week to get a break from the traffic.
Both businesses say July has set a good precedence. 

 Kristina Matson, the restaurant’s manager said, “We are having a great summer, were up 30% last weekend and the auto show weekend it’s really starting to pick up. I think a lot of it is because the deck and the outside air.”

“We’re seeing numbers even with last year so that’s a good thing, even is the new up,” said Shepler.

The Visitor’s Bureau says they hope this boom continues all season long.

“The last few weeks there’s been lots of cars in the hotel parking lots, schools are out, families are traveling and it will just get busier and busier,” said Rutgers.