It Takes Great Volunteers to Make National Cherry Festival Operate

The National Cherry Festival wouldn’t happen at all if it weren’t for 2,000 volunteers behind the scenes.

People in the community dedicate their time to make the festival the best it can be.

9&10’s Brittany Wright met some people who’ve turned their service into a family affair.

2,000 volunteers are helping out with the festival this year. Organizers say those 2,000 volunteers are divided into about 6,000 different shifts.

The volunteers range from individuals in the community to families making it a tradition.

“It’s just fun to be down here. I just enjoy the festival so much.”

Sue Sobocienski and her husband have been volunteering at the National Cherry Festival for more than 10 years.

“It helps out the community. I love walking in the parade and just coming down to the welcome center and just helping out wherever I can.”

Three years ago, their volunteer family got a little bigger when her nephew and niece started helping out at the Welcome Center.

“When I was younger, my aunt and uncle brought me here every year and just to sort of learn about the Cherry Festival and the Welcome Center and ever since then we’ve been coming with them,” said volunteer Trevor Sears. 

Each volunteer receives a volunteer handbook that tells them everything they need to know about the National Cherry Festival to ensure the festival runs smoothly.

“It’s amazing how many people take time out of their busy schedules to come down and celebrate, but they put forth an amazing amount of effort. Some of them putting in two weeks of full work down at the Open Space to make sure we have a great event,” explained Trevor Tkach, Executive Director of the National Cherry Festival. 

Tkach says it takes about a year to organize the volunteers, but it’s all worth it and they are so appreciative of the new volunteers and the ones that come back year after year.

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