Clare Co. Animal Shelter Works to Reunite Dogs with Family After Fireworks Shows

Lots of dogs wound up at animal shelters across Northern Michigan after fireworks sent them running over the holiday weekend.

It’s a task that always keeps them busy this time of year, especially at the Clare County Animal Shelter in Harrison.

The animal shelter spent the last few days bringing dogs and their owners back together.

Animal control officers use a lost and found database to keep a record of all the dogs they’ve picked up and all the dogs owners have called for.

If a dog has a tag or microchip, the shelter can typically reunite them with their owner sooner.

To avoid this situation the animal shelter says to make sure your dog is tied up because the sound from the fireworks can scare them off.

About a dozen dogs were picked up since last week, the shelter says all have since been returned to their owners.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jeff Blevins spoke with the Clare County Animal Shelter.