Business Getting What They Hoped for Start of National Cherry Festival

Businesses and hotels in downtown Traverse City are so far getting what they expected out of increased traffic from The National Cherry Festival.

The start of the festival has brought in the crowds, really giving a much-needed boost to businesses.

“We know how busy summer is happening and so we gear up right from the start, we were here waiting,”said Ron Robinson, Director of Hotel Operations.

Waiting… for those big crowds to come through for the start of The National Cherry Festival, which is exactly what happened.

“The first weekend was just unbelievable, I cant remember what the totals were but I know Saturday it was bumper to bumper traffic all day pretty much going by the hotel,” said Robinson.

The large amount of people coming was expected, but not so much the large amount of people coming from out of state, that was more of a pleasant surprise.

“One of the things that our maintence man, when he does our walk and picking up trash in the mornings, he’s been checking license plates and so far around he’s found 32 states and five provinces of Canada,”said Robinson.

An encouraging sign that word about The National Cherry festival is spreading beyond Michigan and the upper midwest.

“We want more people to find out about Traverse City, big festival bring people in and they see what Traverse City has to offer and then they want to come back for other times,”said Robinson.

Which means, having enough workers to handle the big influx of visitors.

“We have a lot more people on staff because there’s just different sections throughout the store we want to make sure all the customers are getting the attention they need,” said Lauren Bill, Sales Associate for What To Wear.

Although, an increase in sales isn’t the only thing businesses want to get out of the increased traffic, they also want to make a lasting impression.

“Our store is about making people feel beautiful and find you know the right things, so when you have a big group of people coming in it’s nice to feel like you’re helping a lot of people,” said Bill.

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