Cherries D’Vine Brings Local Wine Flavors To Cherry Festival

People had the opportunity to enjoy the tastes of local wineries earlier Sunday while watching the Blue Angels, all while sitting in good seats.

The 88th National Cherry Festival Cherries D’Vine wine tasting event started around 12:30 p.m., bringing northern Michigan wine to hundreds of participants.

The event became sold out early, maxing out at 500 guests.

People got the chance to enjoy smooth jazz music, too, while trying all of the different local brands.

“There’s not a better spot that you are going to be able to watch the Blue Angels today,” said Stephanie Wiitala, Event Coordinator. 

“This is what we’ve got: we’ve got food, we’ve got wine, we’ve got air-conditioning if you need it for a little while. The Hagerty Center is a great location for an event like this today.”

A portion of the proceeds collected at Cherries D’Vine will go toward helping out the Cherry Festival Foundation.

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