Cherry Festival Pancake Breakfast Flips Meal To Customers

Before the Blue Angels flew over everyone at the Cherry Festival, a few other more unexpected things did: pancakes.

The Cherry Festival kicked off its morning festivities early with an interesting way to serve breakfast: flying pancakes.

That’s right. The Cherry Festival Pancake Breakfast opened its tent this morning to serve over 1,500 people, serving flapjacks by tossing them to hungry customers.

Alongside the main course, people could choose from sides of sausage and other good breakfast choices.

And it was made ready for everyone quickly.

“They have great volunteers here and they’ve done this event in the past,” said Melanie Muir, owner of Chris Cakes Inc. “Eckridge sponsors their sausage. They do their own drinks. When we come in, we do it all and then maybe it takes about an hour and a half.”

This was Chris Cakes Inc’s  first appearance at the Cherry Festival and they say they look forward to tossing pancakes to future customers.


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