Cadillac Freedom Festival Holds Military Tribute

Today is a celebration of our independence. A right our country’s founders fought for 238 years ago.

The Cadillac Freedom Festival will hold a military tribute to say thank you to the men and women both past and present who served, and allow us to keep celebrating the Fourth of July.

The city will hold a short program as each of three bonfires are lit on lake Cadillac.

The night before they light up the sky with fireworks, organizers say this is a way to reflect on why we celebrate.

Gabby Chapman is an organizer of the festival and looks forward to the tribute. “Very emotional and just kind of takes your breath away with the silence and when they’re playing taps it really hits home as to why you’re doing this memorial.”

The bonfires are on the east side of the lake and the program is set to begin at about 9:30 Friday night.