Boater Safety Not Forgotten During Fourth of July

The weather might be perfect boating, but there are a few things to keep in mind before hitting the lake.

For the Fourth of July, Michigan’s lakes are usually packed with boats, pontoons and jet-skis.

And this Fourth may be even more so, because of the weather.

New at six, 9&10’s Cody Boyer rode along with police today to see what they’re looking out for to make sure everyone can enjoy a safe holiday.

Tips from the Sheriff’s Department:

    -always know where your life preservers/floatation devices are on your boat

    -if a boat is jumping wake, stay more than 150 feet behind it if you are riding a jet-ski

    -be mindful and patient of other boaters around you

    -keep kayaks/motor boats out of designated swimming areas

    -generally, avoid swimmers with your boat

    -be mindful of boating laws…they WILL be enforced (includes age restrictions, speed, etc.)