Airlines Change Frequent Flyer Rules

Many Americans are using this 4th of July’s three day weekend to travel and some savvy flyers are using frequent flyer miles to get to their holiday destination.

Some of the biggest airlines will soon be changing their policies making it harder to cash in your travel points.

Beginning next March, United Airlines travelers will earn points based on how much they pay for their flight, not on how many miles they travel.

Delta made similar changes a few months ago, and more airlines are expected to follow.

Brian Kelly, the founder of the says it best to diversify when it come to the airline you use.

“You don’t want to put all your miles in one basket with one airline…you want to have a credit card that gives you flexibility so if one airline makes bad changes you’ve still got plenty of other options out there.”

Virgin America, Jetblue and Southwest airlines have also changed their frequent flyer programs to favor passengers who spend more money.