Social Media Can Help or Hurt Job Hunting

In a technology filled world, first impressions can be made by a quick search.

Even with privacy settings, potential employers have new ways to see what you’re posting.

A new survey from finds 43 percent of employers use Google and social networking sites to research potential hires, and a growing number are turning down candidates if they don’t like what they see.

Some of the most common reasons are that the candidate posted inappropriate or provocative photos, they bad mouthed their previous company, or lied about their qualifications

Some of the strangest things employers found on line: one candidate posted a warrant for his arrest. Another bragged about driving drunk and not getting caught.

While bad online results can hurt a job hunters’ chances, people with a good online profile can give themselves a leg up.

Employers surveyed say they are more likely to hire a candidate when they like what they see online.