Rafters to Fill the Manistee River This Holiday Weekend

Canoe rental businesses are taking full advantage of refreshing rivers so far this summer.

The cooler spring made it a slower start for many canoe businesses, but as the temperatures warm, more people are heading North for the weekend, and Chippewa Landing is ready for a busy weekend.

The water may be a little chilly, but the staff says it’s refreshing. They say the Manistee River in Wexford County will be finally full of tubes, canoes, and rafts.

“It all ramps up to this, I mean the 4th of July comes, people want to go down the river, they want to have fun, and we bring them to the river and they have fun and that’s our job,” says Mitch Thompson, Chippewa Landing Canoe driver.

Their campground is also full this weekend, but they say they’ll make room for you if you want to take a trip down the river.