Police Give Tips on How to be Safe in Holiday Traffic

There’s nothing like the Fourth of July in Northern Michigan.

The roads are packed with travelers, and police are out with extra patrols to make sure it’s a safe one.

Be it a parade or fireworks..nearly everyone has somewhere fun to be this weekend. But holiday weekends mean holiday traffic

 Petoskey Public Safety let us ride along with them today to see what they’re looking for this weekend. 

 Officer Karl Fritz said, “A lot of people are in a hurry so they’re not making the best choices.. Not paying attention to stoplights and signs, that kind of thing

 But police say to drive slowly. And most importantly… If your celebrations include adult beverages… have a designated driver.

Or red..white…and blue… will be in your rear view mirror. 

“The biggest thing everybody needs to watch out for is their own safety and the vehicles around them.. With the influx of population a lot of drivers and intoxicated drivers possibly on the roadways,” said Fritz.

Whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver.. Its important to pay attention to the cross walks and street signs, and most importantly.. pay attention to all of the people.

Tracy Wintermeyer, a Petoskey resident says he tries to stay off the roads  unless he has to go somewhere. “There are drivers ill informed of the rules and how to drive.. go slow and watch out for pedestrians and dogs,” he said.

 Police say to give yourself extra time no matter where you are headed this weekend… And to be a patient driver.