MiGreatPlaces: Respect for the American Flag

The 4th of July holiday is synonymous with fireworks, cookouts and parades.

But we must not forget the real reason for the celebration, America’s independence.

And since July 4, 1776, brave men and women have fought to maintain what our forefathers established.

While it may look different today, our flag has flown high above it all, Corey Adkins and Michelle Dunaway honor it and what it symbolizes in today’s MiGreatPlaces.

“It’s got to be honored and believed in and it’s got to be trusted and valued.”

“The American flag is very special. I’ve grown up with it through the years, it’s just a very honor to walk by one. Habit, salute when you walk by, smile.”

“It just reminds me that there are still a lot of people who will stand up and fight for the rights of others.”

“It’s just a symbol of our freedom a very cherished symbol too.”

The Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, the Star Spangled Banner. No matter what you call it, the flag of the United States of America is a powerful symbol.

“I think of honor, pride. I grew up in the right era. WWII was just ending, and I had family in WWI, WWII and also the Korean War. As I grew up, I just loved my flag.”

For those who have served our country, a reminder of what they were fighting for.

“I served over 20 years in the U.S. Army. My rank was Sgt First Class. In that time frame I served in Central America, Africa, 3 tours in Iraq and also Afghanistan. I served in Kosovo, definitely a military guy my son’s currently in, so that would make six generations in my family who’ve served in the military.”

Sergeant David Merritt has strong feelings about service, sacrifice and duty. This flag has seen it all.

“I just got out a few months ago, so it’s pretty emotional for me,” said Merritt. 

Something sacred, even to those who haven’t served in the traditional sense.

“We salute the flag for a reason, we pledge the flag, pledge to America for a reason. We sing the song God Bless America and those are for reasons, those are not just words. They’re not something we just say and listen to. It’s something that has meaning to it and everyone has an obligation to live and learn those meanings and digest the meaning of the American flag.”

Dick Vershave is not a veteran, but with the American Legion Post 404 in Harrison, he makes sure the flag, and those who have served are respected.

“We buy flags and when we see the flag tattered in any way shape or form, we go replace it. We make it a point to make sure our flags not only fly proud, but they’re the clean and they look good all the time.”

The protocol is extremely important to the people here. There is a right way and a wrong way to display your patriotism.

“I do get upset when you got to a football game or basketball game and you have people with it draped around them like a cape. The flag is supposed to be flown with dignity.”

If there’s ever a question, these people are here to help and remind you what the flag is truly all about.

“I love my country. I went to war for it. I can’t really say anything more about it. Really do have pride in my banner the flag. It took care of us then, it takes care of us now. God bless it.”