Woman Shot, Killed While Jogging

West Michigan police say someone shot Rebekah Bletsch while she was out on a jog, then left her to die.

Police thought she had been hit by a car, but then they discovered a single gunshot wound to her head.

Police say a couple found the woman while driving down the road in Muskegon county on Sunday night. When emergency crews got to the scene, they say she was barely alive. 

9&10 News spoke with a family friend today, Donna Beegle, who says she will remember Rebekah as a long-time friend who was full of energy. 

“She’s really friendly and really outgoing. She likes to volunteer a lot of school activities and she does everything with her daughter.”

Rebekah was raised in Cedarville in Mackinac county.

Right now police do not have any suspects or leads. They are hoping someone comes forward with information.