Manna Food Project Makes Snack-Packs for Hungry Children

A Northern Michigan group is busy feeding families this summer

Manna Food Project’s backpack program changes to a snack pack program once school’s out for summer. The Emmet County group is worried families don’t know about the resource

 “We have kids in our community who are hungry and need to have to additional food,” said Peter Pallas, a local volunteer.

 The non-profit feeds thousands each year; and just because kids are out for summer doesn’t mean the need goes away.

Ruth Milks manages Manna Food Project’s backpack and pantry. She says it’s a concern that more parents aren’t seeking out help, with it being Summer.

 “Our numbers dont fluctuate a great deal, the thing that’s concerning is many students get free breakfast and free lunch, you’d think that the need is a little greater with all the children home in our communities,” said Milks.

The snack packs are filled with foods hoping to meet the children’s needed calorie intake for the day. Each child per home gets one.
“We usually do a ramen noodle, bars, something to drink in it. We try to make it as nutritious as we can which can be challenging but were doing well at it,” said Milks.

 They worry kids are at home hungry, and that parents might not know they can take advantage of this resource.

Volunteers say it’s a project that hits close to home.

Ellen Audia was at the non-profit today helping with her camp group, TLC.  “Its really awesome how it feels great because its local, I might even know some of the kids, it’s great I can help them out and give them some food

 As always, Manna Food Project can use donations and more helping hands. 

They remind people if they are thinking of donating, cash donations go a longer way than food donations. Every $10 can buy about $100 in food, when the food bank buys from groups like Feeding America.

The food pantry serves clients on Tuesday mornings from 9am-12 at the McBride Par9 amocation, off of West Conway Road in Harbor Springs.

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