Feeling Pain at the Pump as Gas Prices Hit Six-Year High

The cost of gas is now at a six-year high and pump prices are on the minds of many as they travel this week.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader stopped by a gas station in Cadillac today. There, it was $3.80 a gallon for regular gas.

We spoke with Steve Winkleman, who is making the 300 mile trip from Blissfield, Michigan to Frankfort with his charter boat in tow.

“The boat takes 130 gallons, so that’s quite expensive to fill up, and then the truck with towing the boat gets about 8 miles a gallon so puts a pretty big dent in the wallet. It’s frustrating, we don’t let it stop us, but it really interferes with our financials.”

Keep in mind, prices are constantly changing and varied.

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