Community Fights for Public Transportation

A community fighting for their public transportation, something some rely on everyday.

Talk of reducing transportation in Wexford County brought more than a hundred people to a meeting tonight. The Cadillac-Wexford Transit Authority is growing faster than ever and needs the county to renew their millage to meet the demand.

The commissioners had a tie vote in March on the approval of the renewal. Since then a committee has been looking into the pros and cons of public transit within the county and city limits. And at tonight’s meeting it was clear how a lot of the riders feel. 

The Wexford County courthouse was overflowing with people who rely on the transit authority and wanted the board to know how to important this was to them. “My life would be hopeless without Club Cadillac, and ya know, if the busing stops at the city limits, then that means that I can’t get the bus to the most important place that’s helping me in my life,” says someone during public comment.

The transit authority brought the renewal to the board in March but the commissioners has many concerns about money. “Nobody on the board disputes the fact that we need public transportation but there’s been quite a bit of people questioning the cost it is involved, it is a tremendous cost for the amount of services they provide,” says Leslie Housler, board chairman.

After hearing many people speak, the board decided to put the renewal on the November ballot for the people to vote on. The board hopes within the next two years, CWTA will change how they use their budget. “We are always looking for opportunities to expand, but we also know that we have budgetary restraints,” says Vance Edwards, director of CWTA.

The millage request for public transit in Wexford County will be .6 mills for two years. The commission says they’ll re-evaluate the program again in 2016.