Blue Angels Arrive In Traverse City

The famous Blue Angels squad known for its precision and incredible stunts has landed in the Cherry Capital.

On Wednesday, six jets from the Blue Angels arrived in Traverse City to start practicing for the National Cherry Festival air show this weekend.

“It’s going to a fun show site, but it’s also going to be a little bit challenging as well,” said Major Brandon Cordill, pilot.

Major Brandon Cordill is one of the seven pilots from the Blue Angels who arrived in Traverse City for one of the National Cherry Festival’s main events.

“So far, it feels great,” said Cordill. “We got a chance to fly around the city and fly around the lake. It’s just beautiful up here so we’re pumped to be back up here.”

The six jet show will be divided into two segments.

“The first portion you’re going to see is the diamond portion, which are pilots one through four. They are going to demonstrate the traditional diamond formation and some close formation flying,” said Cordill.

With the Blue Angels in town for the first time in four years, air show organizers are expecting a large crowd.

“The Blue Angels have a way in calculating the crowd. They will count a segment of the beach or the bay area and we’ve had up to 400,000 people estimated at a show,” said Steve Plamondon, Air Show Director.

And there will be something for everyone.

“We’ve got a little bit of everything from vintage World War aircrafts to the blue angels and for the first time ever in Traverse City the Air Force F-22 tactical demo,” said Plamondon.

Ahead of this weekend’s performances, you may hear the jets soaring through the sky. The pilots will spend the next few days pinpointing things to avoid like towers in the area.

Unfortunately, the famous Fat Albert will no longer be flying in the air show. The huge cargo plane hit a bird while en route.

The National Cherry Festival takes place Saturday and Sunday at one.

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