As One Year Anniversary of Her Death Approaches, Family of Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert Still Searches For Answers

July 5th will mark one year since Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert was killed. Her family still has few answers, and no arrests.

This week, her family hopes someone back in town for the National Cherry Festival will have information to help the investigation move forward.

Boyce-Hurlbert was riding her bike home from work on July 5th last year, when she was hit by a truck or SUV at the intersection of Railroad and Washington Streets.

Police say she was dragged a short distance, then the driver took off.

Investigators have since followed hundreds of leads, but have yet to find the driver — or the vehicle that hit her.

9&10’s Meredith Barack sat down with Kelly’s sister, Nicole Nostrandt, who says they’re hopeful someone in town this week will have an answer. 

Nostrandt says while this weekend will be extremely emotional for them, it will also be their best opportunity to raise awareness that Kelly’s killer still has not been caught.

“To think a year later, we still don’t have answers and that the person that did this has not come forward, or someone has not turned them in, it’s just so hard everyday.”

A year after her death, Kelly’s family says they can’t believe they still don’t know who killed the beloved daughter, sister, and wife. 

“And it’s so hard to move on, because we don’t have closure. It’s always going to hurt, we’re always going to miss her and catching the person is not going to bring Kelly back but we need answers,” Nostrandt explains.

That’s why over the next few days, leading up to the anniversary, Kelly’s family and friends will canvas Traverse City with these flyers. 

“That’s our big push for the weekend, is that someone that was here last year, that was on vacation, that may know something but they don’t realize that they know something. Something will jog their memories, ‘Hey, I do think I know something and it could be valuable,'” says Kelly’s sister.

To this day, people still report tips about Kelly’s death, and until they know who killed her, Nostrandt says they won’t stop sharing her story. 

“This could happen to anybody. I want everyone to be careful and to watch out because he’s still out there, he, she, whomever is still out there.”

Sunday night at 9 PM, the family is holding a candlelight vigil at F & M Park in Traverse City.

They want the entire community to come out to remember Kelly.