New Road Expansion in Boyne City

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in Boyne City Tuesday to kick off a new reconstruction project.

A new road has been built to be the major north and south entrance into town.

Developers say the project was overdue, and really started coming together two years ago.

The road is 1.2 miles of new pavement on two of Boyne City’s main roadways: Pleasant road and Division.

The Boyne City manager says the addition will help bring more people into town.

“We’re a tourist community. It’s important that when we invite people to town that we have good infrastructure that they can enjoy because if people come through here and the roads are in bad shape and things like that, they may come through once but they won’t come again and we people to come again,” said Boyne City Manager Michael Cain. 

The new road expansion cost $429,000.

The Boyne City Commission also approved a $50,000 project to upgrade the storm sewer line from Division to Morgan road.