New Ordinances Limit Festivals at TC Open Space

It may be the eve of the National Cherry Festival, but the hectic pace of Open Space festivals will begin to slow down thanks to new scheduling policies.

The city passed ordinances limiting the number of weekend festivals at the Open Space to twice a month.

With the Cherry Festival taking up one in June and one in July, and the Film Festival filling one in July and one in August, it only leaves one weekend open in the month of August.

The weekend will be filled by combining two popular Open Space festivals into one major, local, Traverse City celebration.

“Really, there are three festivals allowed with the new high impact policy; Cherry Festival, Traverse City Film Festival and we had to collaborate two events to fit in the high impact policy to fit Paella in the Park and TC Waterman. So, what a cool thing were the last were on August 15-16. It’s the last event allowed and were going to have a lot of open space,” explains Sam Porter, founder of Porterhouse Productions

The Paella in the Park and TC Waterman weekend will also feature Coast Guard and fire department demonstrations as a push to make it a family friendly weekend in the open space.