Kalin’s Challenge: The Final Weigh-In

When I first walked into Munson Medical Center in January I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I remember the feeling in my gut when the scale said nearly 220 lbs that day, I was terrified. How could this have happened? I knew about eating healthy, I knew about working out and taking care of myself…. but there in lies the problem, I KNEW about it, but I wasn’t living it.

I became so empowered, I wanted to share this journey publicly because so many of us have been there, so many have ridden the diet roller coaster for years, and time and time again the weight came back.

So when it was time to step on the scale to wrap up my 6 months, I was ecstatic even before the number appeared. Because I am not a number. I have learned that the number on the scale doesn’t’t define me, how I feel defines me and I feel amazing.

The final tally? 27 lbs lost, 10 inches in my waist and 6 inches in my hips. But I’ve gained more than that. I have never in my life felt so balanced, comfortable and happy.

So many of you can relate, the stories you have shared about your own journey to get healthy and live a balanced life helped me to keep going when the plateau came, and the weeks I gained. Reading about your stories has definitely been a highlight during the challenge.

This is not the end. The end is actually never happening. I will continue to focus on eating what makes me feel best (yes that means a chocolate chip cookie every once in a while), moving more every day and taking time out to say ‘no’ and relax.

Our experts at Munson Medical Center gave the best advice for maintenance. Stick with what you know works, get right back on when you slip up because life does happen and find movement and exercise that is fun for you.

The absolute best part about this experience hasn’t been the physical changes, but the ones on the inside. For so long I was putting everyone else ahead of me, but in order to be the best version of myself for those I love and work with, I need to put me first. Self care is not selfish.

If you’re ready to get healthy, change your lifestyle or just want to prioritize things with your health, the first step is the hardest one. Admitting to myself I needed to lose the weight was harder than any week of the plateau or gains. The biggest bit of advice? Don’t wait until Monday. The excuses won’t stop until you want them to. You can do it! And, a support system is absolutely crucial. Whether its your husband, family, coworkers or an online community- a support network will push you back up when you want to quit.

As with every other post, I’ll leave you a list of five things.

Here are five things I’ve learned during this journey.

-More important than how I look, is how I feel.

-Taking time for me isn’t selfish

-Exercise can be fun, really, I promise.

-Slip ups happen. We are human. Not everyday will be perfect.

-Anything worthwhile in life takes time. (thanks mom!) 

If you’re interested in Munson Medical Center’s Healthy Weight Program head to their website.