TC One of America’s Beeriest Beach Towns

 Traverse City has recently been named one of America’s Top Five Beeriest Beach Towns by

Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire recently celebrated it’s tenth anniversary. Considered northern Michigan’s largest craft brewery, Short’s recently expanded its Elk Rapids production facility to keep up with increasing sales, which have been rising about 40% each year.

Workshop Brewing Company has also seen a significant rise in business lately.

Local brewers say it’s an honor to have Traverse City included in the list.

“That’s part of being recognized for this is just knowing that the hard work that everyone puts in. It’s a labor of love and to be recognized for that is a great feeling,” said Corey Wentworth, Head Brewer at Workshop Brewing Co. 

Charleston, South Carolina was top on the list, followed by Pacific City, Saint Petersberg, Florida, and San Diego rounded out the top five.

Head to one of northern Michigan’s amazing breweries and try a seasonal beer to see what all the hype is about.