Parents Fight To Bring Back Cut School Program

Passionate parents not giving up hope on a program that their school district cut earlier this month.

Among several cuts, the Farwell School District decided to end the popular Chinese Immersion Program to help balance their budget.

But parents in the Farwell District haven’t given up on the program, and are pushing the school board to bring it back. 

“We’re at the point right now to where we’re taking donations, we haven’t gotten enough to support it for this year but we figured that in a months time we’ve shown strong support,” says Bill Scott, his daughter is in the program.

A large group of parents feel very strongly about keeping the program. “To give them that opportunity, to go out there and learn something and fly with it, it’s something that you can’t replace,” says Joy Grundy, has kids in the program.

But in the end, it’s just not in the budget. “Where were they during this whole time period as far as helping to collect money to keep the program, knowing that eventually they were going to need help,” says Teresa Mackie, president of Farwell school’s support staff union.

Some parents even threatened to pull their children from the district. The school board says they cannot afford to bring it back and even face more potential cuts. “It’s happening in Lansing, it’s just not here, it’s all over and to have parents threaten to take students away, that’s not helping the district, that’s not coming together as a community which is what we need to do right now,” says Mackie.

The parents raised more than $20,000 in pledges and plan to continue to raise money and support to reinstate the Chinese Immersion Program.