Largest Crowd Yet Expected for National Cherry Festival

Rumors are going around about just how many people will be at The National Cherry festival this year, and even though no one can be sure, it is still projected to be one of the highest numbers yet.

With those high numbers expected preparation is starting today, to make sure everything is ready to go by the time the festival starts.

Some of the preparation includes: setting up tents, fences and utilities.

But some of the preparation is just planning on what to expect once the festival starts and with a crowd projected to be this big, safety is one of the organizers main priorities this year.

“Safety is of utmost importance , we work with all of the major organizations and departments like homeland security , we’ve put out extra trash cans and have extra crews to help clean up,” said Trevor Tkach, Executive Director of The National Cherry festival.

As always, 9 and 10 News is planning complete National Cherry festival coverage as the event begins this weekend.

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