UPDATE: Supreme Court Rules Employers Can Refuse to Pay for Contraception

The Supreme Court has released a decision Monday in a case that challenges part of President Obama’s health care law; the mandate requiring companies to provide birth control coverage as part of their health care plans.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday morning that employers with religious objections can refuse to pay for contraception. 

This ruling comes after craft store chain, Hobby Lobby of Oklahoma, argues that being forced to pay for contraception violates its religious beliefs.

U.S. Representative Bob Goodlatte says, “I think the statute itself, as interpreted by the president, violates the First Amendment of the Constitution. I’m hoping the court will uphold the rights of individuals for their expression of their religious freedoms.”

Other lawmakers support the White House argument that insurance coverage for birth control must be included in health plans.

Hobby Lobby says it is willing to pay for some types of birth control, but says the morning-after pill and IUDs go against its beliefs.