Lack of Local Cherries Does Not Slow Down Cherry Festival

 While farmers are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, cherries will be at the National Cherry Festival next week, just not locally grown ones.

Fruit from southern Michigan is being used to make sure the festivities do not go on without their namesake.

Cherries from the state of Washington and even from California will also be present so festival administrators and businesses in the area are ready.

“It is special to be able to use the state’s fruit,” said Trevor Tkach, Executive Director of the National Cherry Festival. 

“We’re pleased to use any fresh cherries so, be it from Washington or California or wherever we might be able to fresh sweet cherries, we’d be happy to use them.”

The National Cherry Festival kicks off July 5 in Traverse City.

For more information about the festival and for a schedule of events, click here.

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