Mecosta Community Gives Food to the Needy

A small town community gathered to help a different cause today; getting food to the needy.

Three churches and one group of high school students banded together with “Kids Against Hunger” in Mecosta to prepare 10,000 packets of food.

With over 100 people helping to pack up the food this morning, the donations went to local, national and international families.

Each packet of food can feed 12 kids or six adults so one packet goes a long way.

“There’s 14 kids dying every minute in the world so this is very, very needed and we are happy to do it,” said Richard Cadaghblok, coordinator at the Youth Center.

St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Chapel Hills Lutheran Church, Sylvester Community Church and the National Honor Society of Chippewa Hills High School all helped to produce the 10,000 packets.