Cattle Farmers Discussing Hot Topics at Summer Conference

Beef and dairy farmers from all over the state are talking about the rise in meat prices among other topics at their summer round-up in Northern Michigan.

Twice a year the Michigan Cattlemen’s Association gets together to discuss current issues and ideas to better their farms and production. Their summer round-up conference started today in Lake City at the Michigan State University Research Center.

“In a way it’s kind of taking a break from our busy season,” says Jeff Kala, farm manager at SKW Ranch in Onekama.

The two day conference brings Michigan cattle farmers together for a fun filled event. “It’s for cattlemen all across Michigan, basically just to talk about what’s new in the industry, share ideas, see old friends and just, we have all the best interest in the future of the industry,” says Dennis Peterson, president of the Michigan Cattle Association.

Many big topics were on the table for discussion including the rise in meat prices and exploring new innovations. “Nationwide cow numbers are down, there is a bit of a supply issue, it’s related to cost of productions, so those are things we are definitely talking about,’ says Peterson.

This year they are at a location they haven’t been to in year. They were able to participate in a new field day program at the Lake City Research Center. “They’re doing a lot of really interesting things with grazing, irrigation, watering and it’s an experimental farm so they’re doing the hard work for us to try to make us more profitable,” says Kala.

Organizers say the event continues to grow each year as the interest in cattle production grows. “When you bring this big knowledge base together of people, we all leave with new ideas and try new things and form new partnerships,” says Kala.

The group will pick back up tomorrow by touring three local historic cattle businesses. For more information about the conference, visit Michigan Cattlemen’s Association website.