Attempted Abduction Near Friend’s Mart Earlier This Week

 With a possible abductor on the loose, a neighborhood is on extra watch tonight.

The 16 year old teenage girl got away unharmed.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon between one and two in the afternoon outside of Friend’s Mart.

She reported the man to be between age 40 and 50 and anywhere from 5’3 to 5’5′.

After the girl managed to get away, she ran to a friends home and then called the police.

We talked to people that live around the area to see what they think about the incident.

 “We will you know as I said, keep an eye out and try to watch our neighborhood better,” said Charlie Simerson, a neighbor in the area. 

Police have gathered surveillance video from the Friend’s Mart and the nearby Save-A-Lot, but tell us they didn’t see anything helpful on the tapes.

If you have any information on this, call Cadillac Police.