40th Annual Flea Roast Kicks off in Northern Michigan

A festival in a small Northern Michigan town is celebrating a milestone this weekend.

The 40th annual Irons Flea Roast and Ox Market festival is going on now through the weekend to celebrate everything the small town has to offer.

Organizers say people from all over the area and other states come to the festival to enjoy their famous flea burgers and flea market.

They say there’s something for everyone. “Irons Michigan is out in the middle of nowhere, to be honest with you, and people love it. You come out here, look around, people are happy, people are friendly, they’re having a good time here,” says Steven Ferreira, helps with the festival.

Tomorrow night they will have fireworks and lots of family friendly activities. For a complete list of events, visit Irons Flea Roast website.