State Police Focus on Safety for Electric Forest Festival

The Electric Forest Festival is back in Michigan and state police are focused on safety.

It’s a four day music festival going on at the Double J Resort in Rothbury.

Last year, a contractor died at the festival, and in 2008 and 2012, several festival-goers died from drug overdoses.

Instances like these have police making sure everyone there is staying safe while enjoying themselves.

State police have been at the festival every year and when the event is over, they make a new plan for next years festival and get ready for their new approach.

But there’s one safety tip they say they can’t stress enough.

“Have a set meeting point. In an area this size, it’s hundred of acres, there’s 45,000 festival-goers here. It’s easy to lose track of your friends. I mean it’s easy to lose track of your car,” said Lt. Jeffrey White.

State police will be at the festival 24/7 until Monday, ready to assist anyone who needs help.