UPDATE: Caribbean Mosquito-Borne Virus Infects Two Michigan Residents

More details tonight on two people in northern Michigan tested positive for a mosquito-borne illness this week.

The people live in Wexford and midland counties, and picked up the virus while in the Caribbean.

Chikungunya is transmitted by specific kinds of day time biting mosquitoes and cannot be transferred from person to person.

While not normally deadly, people who get the virus can experience severe joint pain and fever.

Once doctors figured out where the pair picked up the virus, it was easier to determine what exactly it is.

“Everyone who has had the disease so far has traveled to one of the caribbean locations, so if you haven’t been down to the caribbean you’re not at risk,” said Tom Reichard of the Health Department. 

Most people infected with the disease will experience symptoms about three to seven days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

There is no vaccine available to protect you from the disease.

The Michigan Department of Community Health says two people from Michigan contracted a mosquito-borne virus while traveling in the Caribbean.

The Chikungunya virus causes fever and joint pain and normally is not life-threatening.

The department says the travelers are from Wexford and Midland counties.

Doctors say those who contract the virus usually start feeling flu-like symptoms, including a rash and fever three to seven days after becoming infected.

At this point, it is not something that can spread person-to-person.

For details on the virus, head to the Center for Disease Control’s website