Special Meeting Held to Discuss Harassment Allegations Against Elected Official

A Northern Michigan township concerned about harassment allegations against their township supervisor.

As word spread about these allegations, more people who wanted to know the facts.

A special meeting was called in Grand Traverse County’s Blair Township to discuss specific harassment allegations against the supervisor.

“I’m almost embarrassed that this is even going on tonight,” says Dennis Fitzpatrick, lives in Blair Township.

This special meeting was called after the Blair Township Clerk Lynette Wolfgang filed a harassment complaint against Supervisor Patrick Pahl because she believes he’s been ignoring her for the past month. 

The supervisor’s attorney didn’t want the meeting to happen. “That you adjourn the meeting and that you get on with the important business of the township,” says Scott Howard, the township supervisor’s attorney. The attorney believes the supervisor didn’t violate any law. “These types of office disagreements certainly do not constitute harassment under state or federal law or under any workplace policy that Blair Township has,” says Howard.

What the trustees did find out though, is that they weren’t following their policies at all. They decided that they now need to hire someone to investigate the harassment allegations.”Hopefully by bringing in a mediator that can work through this and hear both sides. We have to work together, be professional at what we do and not jump to conclusion before we hear all the facts,” says Fitzpatrick.

The trustees also had two other items on the agenda which included stripping the supervisor of his duties and hiring a township manager. “I think once they do the investigation then the other two will fall into place. If he’s guilty with everything they said and they find that there, then they need to take his duties away and put somebody in there that’s going to run the township like it should be run,” says George Champlin, lives in Blair Township.

The trustees plan to hire a third party to investigate the allegations and hopefully have an outcome by their August meeting.