Keeping Loved Ones Safe in the Water

In the summer months, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is always a top priority when hitting Northern Michigan’s waterways.

The American Red Cross is testing your basic water knowledge with a quick quiz to help refresh your memory. Take the quiz here

First, true or false? One way to keep young children safe in the water is to have them use inflatable arm bands, or “water wings.”

False, the Red Cross says inflatables or other flotation devices are never a substitute for US Coast Guard approved life jackets.

Second, true or false? It’s okay to read or talk on the phone while supervising children in the water.

False, parents and guardians should always stay within arms reach of young children, even when a lifeguard is present.

Third , true or false? The correct order of actions to take if you see someone drowning is: shout for help, reach for a rescue or flotation device, and call 9-1-1 if needed.

True, 93% of people were unable to correctly put the actions into order.

Finally, true or false? All of these indicated a swimmer is in trouble: doggie paddling with no progress, holding onto a safety line, floating on their back and waving their arms.

True, more than a third of people didn’t know the signs. Many times, people in trouble can’t actually call for help because they’re just trying to keep their head above water.

For ways to make water safety a priority and to stay safe around water click here or download the American Res Cross Swim App