Feedback at 5:00: Social Media: Disconnecting

Every day, Facebook users send more than 12 billion messages back and forth.

Twitter and Instagram are also always updating.

Social media is changing the way we form and end relationships and can be very addictive.

Kim Stolz just wrote a book called “Unfriending My Ex and The Other Things I’ll Never Do.”

In it, she discusses how her social media addiction was disrupting her relationships with family, friends, and her now ex-boyfriend.

She also talks about her week-long break from her phone to try and disconnect and get a better perspective about her online activity.

“It’s kind of become that the world is on one big reality show and we’re all contestants trying to compete to show whose life is the best. I think what’s funny is that we’ve stopped experiencing life for the experience. We now experience life for the post or for the upload,” said Stolz.

Have you ever taken an extended break from being online?

Has social media ever ruined a relationship with family, friends, or anyone else?

It’s today’s Feedback at 5:00.