Wet Suits for Chilly Swimming

Temperatures may be on the rise, but most of the water around Northern Michigan is still dangerously cold.

From muscles spasms to hypothermia, cold water can do lots of harm, so if you’re thinking about going for a dip make sure to check the water temperature before going in.

If it’s cold, and you still feel like going in, it’s smart to wear a wet suit.

They have full suits and half suits that will provide you with all of the insulation that you need to keep warm.

There is also a dry suit that will keep you completely dry and comfortable no matter the air temperature.

Most are made from fleece, water proof membrane, and neoprene, which is a rubber material.

Scott Wilson is the owner of Sail Sport Marina. “Even if it’s a seventy degree day and a fifty degree water, you fall in the water there’s a shock that you really need to insulate against.”

Rachel North, the Marketing Director of MyNorth Media, said, “We have to pay attention to what that water temperature is and prepare for it. If you go out in the middle of the lake and tip over you have to buy yourself time until someone come gets you.”

It’s also recommended you wear your life jacket when in the water, because cold water can cause the body to shut down.