Rec Boat Holdings Sold to Beneteau Group

A local boat manufacturing company based in Cadillac, Rec Boat Holdings was sold this morning, bringing what could be great news for the community: new jobs.

The company was sold to Beneteau Group, a world leader in boat manufacturing based out of France.

Company leaders say Beneteau saw this opportunity as a way to expand their business into America.

When that starts happening, production will be expanding in Cadillac and more help will be needed to do so.

“Were a little over 500 employees right now so we hope that as we grow with our new owners it will attract new and similar boat building talent to the city of Cadillac and our employee base will grow from there,” said Julie Johnson, Director of Marketing at Rec Boat Holdings.

Company leaders say they are proud not only about how far they’ve come as a company, but also that they can help Cadillac grow as a community.