DNR Considers New Shooting Ranges in Northern Michigan

The Department of Natural Resources held a meeting today to provide updates and hear public input on three proposed shooting range locations in Northern Michigan.

One of the locations would likely replace the current shooting area known as Hoosier Valley, located 15 miles from downtown Traverse City.

These areas have become popular with gun enthusiasts, but some local residents are concerned about the noise, safety, and road congestion that come with it.

The DNR Unit Manager David Lemmien said “We’re still striving to find a solution that will meet everybody’s needs and wants even though that will be somewhat difficult to do but we feel that there’s a suitable solution out there that will appease most people.”

The three sites identified on state land for public review and input are located in Blair, Fife Lake, and Whitewater Townships, all within a half-hour drive from Traverse City.