Swimming Safety in Local Lakes and Rivers

Even though summer is here and its warming up outside, this doesn’t mean the water temperature is warming up too.

Sheriff’s deputies say you should take precaution before entering the lakes and rivers by testing out the water before you decide to take a swim.

If you stay in the chilly waters too long, this could be dangerous and cause harm to your body.

The cold water could give you muscle spasms, causing tightness throughout your body, making it harder to swim.

“You get down to 60 and below that that actually is dangerous water to where the risk of hypothermia can be a matter of minutes to onset and usually anything below 50 can be considered deadly water, it can really affect a persons ability to do anything in the water,” said Cory Lipar, a Wexford County Sheriff Deputy. 

The best way to prevent dangers of swimming is to go out with a partner, and if you’re in danger don’t hesitate to call for help.

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