UPDATE: Stanton Minister Drowns in Submerged Vehicle in Montcalm County Lake

Deputies in Montcalm County arrived on the scene of an accident in Lampman Lake in Sidney Township Sunday morning. 

A passerby called police to report a vehicle submerged in the lake on the east side of S. Brown Road between W. County Farm Road and Ruby Road.  Police say the vehicle was about 30 feet off the road into the lake.

The Montcalm County Sheriff’s Dive Team located one man behind the wheel with his seat belt on. No one else was in the car. The man was identified as Kurt Hoffman of Stanton. 

Hoffman’s family said he was last seen Saturday morning. Police are unsure how long the vehicle had been in the water. 

Deputies say Kurt Hoffman was speeding when he went off the curve, hit a fallen tree, then went into about six feet of water in Lampman Lake.

“If you walk into this community anywhere not just our church but the people in the streets will call him Pastor Kurt, he was a Pastor for the entire community.”

The Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office determined Hoffman drowned. 

Hoffman was a longtime and well-liked minister for the Trinity Church in Stanton. 

The accident is still under investigation.