Dedicated Group Raising Awareness About Veterans with PTSD

A dedicated group is spreading awareness in Northern Michigan about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A Matter of Honor is a non-profit organization in Traverse City that wants to teach everyone about PTSD. Tonight, they held a town hall meeting to let the community know how they can get involved.

A Matter of Honor started several years ago as more veterans were being diagnosed with PTSD. The group is trying to bring awareness to the community. “I think anything that we can learn about what to do, what not do, can help us in our relationship with our son and his family,” says Pamella Merritt, her son has PTSD.

As families and the community become more aware and knowledgeable about the disorder, they may be more inclined to help. “It’s important for every area, but it’s important for this area because there’s interest here, because the community really wants to do something and we need to be able to capitalize on that,” says Linda Fletcher, A Matter of Honor executive director. 

Speakers shared information and stories about their expertise to help everyone better understand how they can help. “We can be encouragers, we can be a friend to people like that and not shun them, but just be a friend and then help encourage them to get the proper kind of help,” says Duane Merritt, son has PTSD. 

A Matter of Honor is now taking action and wants more people to jump on board. “I hope they take away the knowledge that they can get involved as individuals, that we owe those folks that have gone and served for us and this is how we can pay back,” says Fletcher.

If you would like to know more about the organization, visit A Matter of Honor’s website.