Avoiding Mosquito Misery This Summer

Itching, scratching, and swelling. For some of us, mosquitoes bring misery to our summer season.

If you feel like you get bit more than anyone around you, you may have to blame your genes.

Scientists say if you work out a lot, are pregnant, or had something to drink while grilling out, the insects may see you as a target.

One of the the reasons mosquitoes find pregnant women and regular exercisers more attractive is because they have a higher body temperature

Just one bottle or can of beer can also make you more attractive, though scientists haven’t yet figured out why.

Your blood type may also play a role.

Research from Smithsonian.com says one study shows the mosquitoes landed on people with type-o blood nearly twice as often as people with type-a. Those with type-b fell somewhere in the middle.

Also, it may be what you wear. A medical entomologist from the University of Florida says colors like black, dark blue, and red attract the insects because they use vision as well as scent to find humans, and those colors might just make you easier for them to find.

Finally, scientists say an estimated 85% of the reason why mosquitoes find some people more attractive than others can be blamed on your genes, something you can do nothing about.

The CDC says the best ways to protect yourself are to apply insect repellent, cover up, and avoid being outside between dusk and dawn.

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