UPDATE: Woman Accused of Impersonating Federal Agent

A woman has been arrested for impersonating a Homeland Security and FBI agent.

Federal officers arrested Michelle Morales Gonzalez in West Branch.

9&10 News got a hold of the indictment that says Gonzalez searched homes and held people inside as she and another person acted as federal agents.

One of the scams they pulled off included urine drug screenings and they’re accused of having one teenage victim strip off his clothes.

The documents say Gonzalez was looking over his body for “track marks”.

State police say there are several ways to spot a real officer from a fake one.

 Sergeant Shawn Wise of the Michigan State Police said, “If it’s not a officer in uniform or if it is a detective or a undercover officer, they still carry credentials with them. They’ll carry a badge and they’ll also carry an ID card that shows which department they work for.”

Federal investigators will not tell 9&10 News when they arrested Gonzalez, but say the impersonations started last November and went on for about a month.

An Ogemaw county woman is being accused of impersonating a department of homeland security agent.

During the investigation officers found Michelle Gonzales was unlawfully drug screening and impersonating an officer.

Michigan state police searched Gonzales’ home in west branch back in January.

Police say she forced people to submit drug tests and took medication from them.